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January Exhibit

 "Barbara Kaempf Matkowski"

Mixed media

Meet the artist reception, January 5th, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

February Exhibit

Ken Knodell

Opening reception February 2nd, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Small Accessories, Great Fashions

Saturday April 6th at 2:00 pm.

This show will feature demonstrations on how to wear small accessories. It's a group participation event, so feel free to bring in garments for professional advice on how to make you look dynamic. Join Jean Watson and Linda McCord for an afternoon of fun with fiber art. Learn new ideas about draping scarves, shawls and neck-warmers. Jeannette Fedorka and Ms. Marie will be demonstrating ideas combining jewelry for an artistic statement.

It's a fact: You do not need a lot of garments if you accessorize. These are not looks you will find in a department store but beautiful artistic statements. This is also a perfect way to pack less for your travels and still have a different look everyday and evening. We are looking forward to this new event and hope you are too.

Above: Nuno felted wrap worn various ways.

Below: Knit shawls by Jean Watson.

Jean Watson

New business located inside McThread's Art Works

Artisan Jewelry & Greeting Cards

Owner: Lacey Wilson

Jewelers: Ms. Marie, June Trusty, Jeannette Fedorka, Mary Kohlschmidt, Barbara Mundell, Michael Metz, Cookie King

Cards by: Ms. Marie, Mary Kohlschmidt, Linda McCord, Jeannette Fedorka